Very beautiful and incredibly affectionate Neva masquerade lady - a graduate of Siberian cattery


Both Siberian catteries «LyuMur» and «Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva»  are catteries of the top notch for my opinion. And I highly recommend to buy a Siberian kitten there.

I am a breeder at Caspian Siberians in Canada and purchased both my Neva masquerade kittens SCARLETT LYUMUR and OCEAN OF DREAMS LYUMUR ( now Raja) for Queen and Stud in the cattery «LyuMur». They have very good championship bloodlines and great bone structure as well as size. There were some major issues shipping them to Canada because of Covid — and specifically Lyu worked tirelessly and was a massive supporting factor in getting our cats to us.
Both Siberian cats have absolutely phenomenal character and it is very evident in their personalities that they were extremely well socialized.

We are so happy with these catteries that we are now purchasing Q-REY IZ TVERSKOGO KNYAZHESTVA from Irina’s cattery and are extremely excited about this.

Both ladies take breeding very seriously, are highly professional and helpful and go above and beyond to keep their clients happy. I will continue to purchase Siberian kittens from them in the future and I am more than happy to refer people to their Siberian catteries in Russia.
I am one happy customer!


Our graduates in the USA

My journey to the Siberian breed.

I’ve always wanted a cat but never thought it possible because my husband and girls were allergic – so I never entertained the idea. But in 2018 I found out about Siberian breed. In September of that year I put a deposit down with a local breeder and was put on a waiting list. I was number 25! In February of 2019 it was finally my time to choose a kitten. Since the breeder kept telling me that the kitten will choose you, I thought that’s what would happen – but in this litter it did not – so I decided to pass on that litter and wait for the next. Then in April of 2019, I was scheduled to choose a  kitten again but that didn’t work out either because the breeder’s family was sick and cancelled the appointment. In the meantime, I was debating if I wanted to be a breeder and not be restricted with the clause to spay/neuter the kitten.

While still on the waiting list with the local breeder, I started to research the internet for Siberian cats in Russia. I finally came across Irina and Lyu’s website. After seeing some kittens I was interested in, I talked it over with my husband and he agreed to proceed further. To be honest – I was a little hesitant with this whole process but after communicating with them I felt very comfortable.

My first contact with Irina was June 8, 2019. I can’t say enough about how responsive, patient and helpful she was from the first contact to the end! Her partner Lyu was wonderful and patient too! They were supportive and helpful every step of the way. They are both excellent breeders because they raised such wonderful, social, loving kittens. And they continue to have an interest to stay in contact with me to see how their babies are doing.

Also, I have to say — Lyu is an amazing photographer!!! – Some of the shots she is able to capture are just breathtaking! We finally brought home our two kittens on August 8, 2019! We named the boy Micah and the girl Hadassah. Let me just say – it was definitely worth the year-long wait.

We love them soooo much! They bring so much joy to our family. Micah is so brave, gentle and loving – even when he gets ambushed by our dogs – he’s just calm and cool and lets them do whatever. He never once scratched or hissed at them! Now the dogs don’t even care when Micah comes into the room. My sweet girl Hadassah is so beautiful. Her eyes and coat are stunning!

We have a routine – every morning when I go upstairs she meows and follows me to the couch. I put my legs up and she sits on my lap to be brushed. She loves it and I love it too!!! No, she hasn’t braved the dogs yet – but that’s ok – we are all different — that’s what makes life beautiful. One last comment — My husband (who at one point – didn’t want any animals) calls these cats the upgrade to our dogs!!! Michelle, USA

SIBEL and OKTAY UNALAN, Turkey, Ankara

Since the day I joined Instagram and found there Villy Banditto’s cat family — Lyu’s cattery, I’ve been following them with admiration. But I’ve never thought I would have a member of the Banditto’s family. I met this beautiful girl on 27th of March, 2018 and I fell in love… Her name is DELICIOUS DESSERT LYUMUR. It was the right choice. I am now with this beautiful, healthy, fun, well raised and happy girl. The family has followed every step of the journey from Moscow to Turkey and let me know of the progress. Her carefully and thoughtfully arranged bag had her favorite food, a pillow with her smell that she was familiar with as well as some gifts for us. I am truly greatful and very lucky. Thank you Irina and Lyu.




It is over two year now since we welcomed our first Siberians into our home. LyuMur Alphekka made the long trip from Russia on July 20, 2017, along with our first male. She was everything we had hoped for and more. We cannot imagine a cat with a sweeter personality! That sweetness has passed onto her kittens, who are able to adapt to new homes on the very first day. Nothing could make us happier than to see our little ones adapt so easily and without stress. This is all thankful to Irina’s and Lyuba’s careful choice of Siberian kings and queens, the loving environment their kittens are raised in, and their attention to everything necessary to insure good health. Now, we know to expect a super sweet personality in our kittens.

If you have perused photos of Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva and LyuMur catteries, you have no doubt noticed the excellent photography skills of Lyuba. A particularly intriguing photo of hers lead to us acquiring our third Siberian on September 30, 2017. She had posted an irresistible picture of Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva Hartlin and we fell for her hook, line and sinker. Hartlin’s funny character came through and spoke to us. And, our vocal girl is speaking to us and telling us her amazing stories still. She makes us smile and laugh on a daily basis.

Trying to explain what these two girls have added to our lives is impossible; there aren’t enough positive words. We truly love them both!

Through this time, Irina and Lyuba have always been there for us with their expert advice. They have given their serious consideration to any question we have had. It’s a real comfort to know they are only a message away and always willing to help us.

To have made friends on the other side of the world is very special. To receive beautiful, healthy kittens from that far away is a treasure. To be able to give your total trust to someone you have never met face to face is priceless!

Irina and Lyuba, we are blessed to have you and your kittens as part of our lives!

Love and Hugs, Marcia and Larry Long-Croteau

AzureGlow Siberians


DARYA MAKOWSKA, Poland Wroclaw

Hello, I am Daria from Poland. I am happy that Irina Nazarova trusted me and gave me her wonderful cat child CARAMEL’KA IZ TVERSKOGO KNYAZHESTVA.

She is a wonderful, big and beautiful representative of the Neva masquerade Siberian cats. Perfectly socialized, courageous, healthy. Now she is a Grand International Champion!

Thanks to Caramelka, I create my own Two Happiness cattery. I highly recommend breeding, which is created by cat lovers. We are in constant contact and I can always count on their help and advice.