Incredible Sweetie LyuMur

Beautiful Neva masquerade cat — the blue-eyed Siberian Queen of the cattery «LyuMur». She was born in our cattery and we decided to keep this Neva masquerade beauty for ourself.

Charming large Siberian Neva masquerade Lady with incredibly blue eyes, excellent texture of coat and sweet character.


Cattery LyuMur
Date of birth 25/04/2018
Color a 21 33 (blue tabby point)
Parents Razumnik and Podruzhka Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

Title Ch.(WCF)

Princess Jasmine LyuMur

Beautiful young Siberian Lady — the graduate and the future Queen of the cattery «LyuMur».

She is the daughter of one of our amazing Lapushka and our smoke Siberian King Bal’zam.

Cattery LyuMur
Date of birth 23/11/2019
Color ns 24 ( black silver spotted )
Parents Bal`zam dlya dushi Danvel and Lapushka Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

Orifiya Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

For many years our Siberian cattery worked mostly with tabby colors of Siberian and Neva masquerade cats.

But we are working and our plans were to diversify the colors in the cattery.

This little Neva masquerade lady is proof of that.

We decided to keep a daughter from the pair of our Neva masquerade cats Jamiro and Zena in the cattery.

The color of the girl is seal point with white.

Date of birth 17/06/2020
Color n 09 (seal point with white)
Parents Jamiro and Zena Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

Vorozheya LyuMur

An incredibly beautiful young Siberian cat — our golden young Princess Vorozheya LyuMur. We call her Vatrushka at home — it means «cheesecake» ( because she is such tasty baby! )

This fantastic Siberian girl has a beautiful breed type and the most beautiful color is black golden tortie marble. This playful and cheerful young Siberian lady has incredibly green eyes.

Her parents are beautiful red Siberian King Artas and a gorgeous Siberian Queen of the traditional golden marble color Indiana

Cattery LyuMur
Date of birth 07/10/2020
Color ny 22 (black tortie gold marble)
Parents Artas Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva and Indiana Iz Odissei

Zirka Colour Foot*PL

IlSiberian cat — the breeding Queen of the cattery «Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva», very beautiful Siberian traditional tortie tabby female with excellent breed data. Without color point gene.

This Siberian lady has the pretty rare for females title «World Champion» (WCF)

Date of birth 07/05/2016
Color f 09 22 (black marble with white)
Parents Evatar Contentus*PL and Oxana Colour Foot*PL

Title WСH