Siberian kitten black smoke Glafira IzTverskogo Knyazhestva

Date of birth 21/11/2023
Dad Wolf Lebensbaum
Mom Yesenia Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

Neva masquerade kittens from the litter “T” LyuMur

These Neva masquerade kittens are the last babies of our sunshine King Marik Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva The mother of the litter is one of our bicolour Neva masquerade Queens Dalila Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva.

There are three Neva masquerade kittens in the litter – two beautiful strong and powerful boys and their charming blue-eyed sister.

Available for sale three Neva masquerade kittens
Date of birth 21/10/2023
Dad Marik Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva
Mom Dalila Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

Siberian black smoke kittens from new litter “G” Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

Black smoke Siberian kittens in our cattery!

On November 21, the second litter was born from our beautiful smoke couple Wolf and Yesenia.

This time, our parents pleased us by giving birth to all the Siberian kittens with the color black smoke.
There are two Siberian girls of black smoke colour available for sale.

If you are interested in buying any of the available kittens, then you can write to us by e-mail and find out more about the kittens, their parents, about the conditions of the reserve and delivery of the kitten anywhere in the world.

The previous kittens from this pair can be viewed on the litter page Z

Date of birth 21/11/2023
Dad Wolf Lebensbaum
Mom Yesenia Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

Silver bicolor kitten Paulette LyuMur

Available Siberian traditional kitten of black silver spotted with white colour.
Charming green-eyed young lady with very nice personality

Available for sale black silver spotted bicolor Siberian kitten
Date of birth 20/05/2023
Dad Irtish LyuMur
Mom Lantana LyuMur

Siberian kittens of different colours from litter “F” Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

The new litter of Siberian and Neva masquerade kittens pleased us with a variety of colors.

Kittens of traditional colors – black smoke with white boy and girl.

Neva masquerade colors – a baby seal silver tabby point, two girls beautiful solid bright tortie with smoke and another silver Neva girl with white socks on her paws.

There are still kittens available in this litter. Perhaps they are waiting for you. Write to us by email and find out the terms of sale of kittens and a possible delivery option to any country.

You can also write to Whatsapp on the phone +79108301509

Available for Siberian traditional and Neva masquerade kittens
Date of birth 02/11/2023
Dad Wolf Lebensbaum
Mom Jania Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva