Siberian cats with blue eyes – magic of Neva masquerade.

Blue-eyed Siberians – Neva masquerade. Their eyes have so special magic!

Is it possible to remain in different  looking into those blue eyes?!

Here all shades of blue – and gentle spring blue sky, and clear as a tear, the lake, and deep enchanting ocean. Siberian Neva masquerade cat is the owner of these bottomless magnificent eyes. Siberian cat can be called a really treasure of Russia. The work of our Siberian catteries is aimed at increasing and improving this priceless beauty.

If you have an idea to buy in our cattery Neva masquerade kitten – it’s very simply to do! You need to see the available blue-eyed Neva masquerade kittens in the KITTENS FOR YOU section, choose a kitten and – contact us.

Siberian Neva masquerade cats with beautiful blue eyes from cattery Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva and LyuMur