S. McDONALD, USA, Florida

I was following LyuMur on Instagram for a couple of years. Every kitten she posted I wanted to have, but I thought it would be difficult to get one because of the distance. One day, I commented about a tiny little girl and Lyu asked if we would like to have her as part of our family.
My heart started beating so fast! After years of dreaming, could we possibly have one of her beautiful kittens? I said YES! She took care of all the travel arrangements for our little girl to fly to Miami. When we went to pick her up, my daughter (8 yrs old) and I couldn’t even imagine what was about to happen. We knew we were getting a beautiful cat, but what we got was more than a beautiful cat. We got the most loving, fun member of our family. Little Fiona.  She was healthy, shiny, and felt like a silk to touch. She adopted into our family quickly and became friends with my older cat. She follows us anywhere in the house, sleeps with us, and just curls up and sits with us. She is very playful and she actually talks to us.. She answers our questions with the cuttest meows. We call her name and she runs to us. She is so loving. She never scratches our furniture or rugs; she always uses the cat tree for that. She is super clean and smells wonderful. She eats dry food or can food. She is super quiet and never shows any behavior other than love. My over weight older cat finally started moving around and losing weight after Fiona came to us. Fiona has so many fans on our Instagram page, and everyone who sees her wants one now.. Our neighbors and friends love visiting Fiona and get pictures taken with her. When we went on a vacation, Fiona was the center of the attention at the hotel and got herself more fans. LyuMur has made such happiness possible for us. Lyu loves her animals. She follows up on Fiona and we send her happy little videos. From the bottom of my heart, we are thankful to LyuMur for ever and if you are looking for a beautiful and loving addition to your family, I highly recommend Lyu and her beautiful cats.
If you would like to join Fiona’s adventures, follow us on Instagram @siberiangandalf