Litter “D” LyuMur

Long-awaited Siberian Neva masquerade kittens were born in the cattery LyuMur in the end of September – two sweet girls and two charming boys.

It’s the first kittens of our young Siberian King Oltimar Arctic Blizzard. And the mom of these Siberian kittens – one of the most famous our Siberian Neva masquerade Queens – Lapushka Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva.

Strong and powerful babies with excellent texture of coat, sweet characters and incredibly blue eye color.

Date of birth 22/09/2021
Dad Oltimar Arctic Blizzard
Mom Lapushka Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

Breeder Novozhilova Lyuba


Daryonka LyuMur

Color ns 21 33
Gender Girl
Status Available

Dyuymovochka LyuMur

Color fs 21 33
Gender Girl
Status Sold (USA)

Dubrovskiy LyuMur

Color as 21 33
Gender Boy
Status Sold (Russia)

Don Quixote LyuMur

Color a 21 33
Gender Boy
Status Sold (France)