Litter “H” LyuMur

Neva masquerade kittens of rare golden and flame point colors for sale

Another available Siberian kittens – the parents surprised us by all Neva masquerade kittens. The second litter of our sunshine Neva masquerade King Marik Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva. Mom of these beautiful Neva masquerade babies is black golden marble Siberian Queen Vorozheya LyuMur.

There are two golden Neva masquerade girls in the litter ( may be one of them even sunshine Neva) and flame point boy.

Strong and powerful Siberian kittens for sale. In excellent breed type

Date of birth 14/05/2022
Dad Marik Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva
Mom Vorozheya LyuMur


Henry LyuMur

Color ds 21 33
Gender Boy
Status Reserved (Russia)

Helen LyuMur

Color nus 21 33
Gender Girl
Status Reserved (USA)

Honey Moon LyuMur

Color nus 21 33
Gender Girl
Status Option