We expecting Siberian kittens - possibly jewelry colors

The parents of the litter are the amazing tortie Neva masquerade Siberian Queen of the cattery «LyuMur» ALRISHA LYUMUR  and beautiful Siberian black smoke King of the cattery «Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva» BAL’ZAM DLYA DUSHI DANVEL.

There are 3 Siberian girls in it – 2 Neva masquerade and one traditional and wonderful Siberian blue with white boy in this litter

Date of birth 04/04/2020
Dad Bal'zam Dlya Dushi Danvel
Mom Alrisha LyuMur


Sunshine LyuMur

Color f 24 09
Gender Girl
Status Reserved (USA)

Samson LyuMur

Color a 24 02
Gender Boy
Status Reserved

Scarlett LyuMur

Gender Girl
Status Sold (Canada)

Serenity LyuMur

Gender Girl
Status Sold (USA)