Siberian cattery LyuMur

Siberian Neva masquerade cat
Neva masquerade and traditional Siberian cats of the cattery LyuMur

Hello! My name is LYU.

I am the owner of Siberian cattery “LyuMur” and a breeder of Siberian traditional and Neva masquerade cats from Russia.

The cattery of Siberian cats “LyuMur” is quite young, but with Siberians I work over 10 years already. I started as a part of another Siberian cattery, and then “rose up” to open my own. 

The priority of my Siberian cattery has always been a friendly temperament of our cats, the correct Siberian breed type and, of course, good health of our Siberian cats.

In addition, Neva masquerade cats in our cattery have amazing bright blue eye colour, and traditional cats have incredibly green eyes.

My cats are not my job – they are my love, my whole life…


About ALLERGIES and hypoallergenic cats

And again about ALLERGIES!!!

On the internet you can find a lot of information about the hypoallergenic properties of Siberian cats. From practice and experience, allergic reaction to a Siberian cat is INDIVIDUAL. Yes, there are people who suffer from allergies but live comfortably in close contact with our Siberian kittens. But there are also those who have an allergy manifest itself at the slightest contact.

Therefore, everything is individual. It depends on the specific individual and the specific Siberian cat. We don’t say no to people who have allergies, but… We must be sure that the person is aware of the full extent of responsibility. Kittens are living beings who can feel, love and become attached.

Therefore, before making a final decision, it is necessary to think carefully and weigh everything. The ideal situation would be to make a visit and chat with the person who has the Siberian cat. If there is an allergy, it usually manifests itself. This will help you make the correct final decision and not cause trauma to the little living creature.

Health tests for our cats

On Sunday, 15 of September 2019, we decided to devote to health and set out with 8 our cats to a wonderful doctor and a nice person Inozemtceva Irina Evgenievna. We did ultrasound to 8 our breeding Siberian and Neva masquerade cats – Bal’zam dlya dushi Danvel, Jamiro, Jasenta, Helma and Solomon Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva, Hot Flame LyuMur, Indiana Iz Odissei and Berenis Nevskiy Sapfir. All 8 – PKD – negative, HCM – negative.

Cats show in Tver “Tired by sun”

On August the 24-25th  the one of the youngest Siberians of cattery – litter A IZ TVERSKOGO KNYAZHESTVA – ARTAS, ANDUIN and ALERIYA – visited cats show in Tver “Tired by sun” Their results – Nomination on BEST of both days. BEST LITTER of the second day. BEST LITTER of monobreed Siberiam show. The kittens showed their great show temperament and enjoyed the event.