Very beautiful and incredibly affectionate Neva masquerade lady - a graduate of Siberian cattery


Both Siberian catteries “LyuMur” and “Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva”  are catteries of the top notch for my opinion. And I highly recommend to buy a Siberian kitten there.

I am a breeder at Caspian Siberians in Canada and purchased both my Neva masquerade kittens SCARLETT LYUMUR and OCEAN OF DREAMS LYUMUR ( now Raja) for Queen and Stud in the cattery “LyuMur”. They have very good championship bloodlines and great bone structure as well as size. There were some major issues shipping them to Canada because of Covid – and specifically Lyu worked tirelessly and was a massive supporting factor in getting our cats to us.
Both Siberian cats have absolutely phenomenal character and it is very evident in their personalities that they were extremely well socialized.

We are so happy with these catteries that we are now purchasing Q-REY IZ TVERSKOGO KNYAZHESTVA from Irina’s cattery and are extremely excited about this.

Both ladies take breeding very seriously, are highly professional and helpful and go above and beyond to keep their clients happy. I will continue to purchase Siberian kittens from them in the future and I am more than happy to refer people to their Siberian catteries in Russia.
I am one happy customer!