Siberian cattery LyuMur

Siberian Neva masquerade cat
Neva masquerade and traditional Siberian cats of the cattery LyuMur

Hello! My name is LYU.

I am the owner of Siberian cattery “LyuMur” and a breeder of Siberian traditional and Neva masquerade cats from Russia.

The cattery of Siberian cats “LyuMur” is quite young, but with Siberians I work over 10 years already. I started as a part of another Siberian cattery, and then “rose up” to open my own. 

The priority of my Siberian cattery has always been a friendly temperament of our cats, the correct Siberian breed type and, of course, good health of our Siberian cats.

In addition, Neva masquerade cats in our cattery have amazing bright blue eye colour, and traditional cats have incredibly green eyes.

My cats are not my job – they are my love, my whole life…