Tayna Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva

Available Siberian Neva masquerade kitten of seal silver tabby point colour

Cute, very beautiful Neva masquerade female.

She has the color of seal silver tabby point .

The girl has bright saturated eyes, a beautiful silver fur coat, an excellent breed type and the character of the Queen.

Tayna can participate in the show and breeding .

Or just be a pet in the family.

If you are interested in buying a Neva masquerade baby girl named Tayna, then it is enough to write to us by email tverknyazhestvo73@gmail.com and ask your questions.

Delivery of our Siberian Neva masquerade kittens is possible to any country.

Date of birth 18/08/2022
Dad Dubrovskiy LyuMur
Mom Yesenia Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva