Golden Siberian kittens from litter “S” LyuMur

Siberian kittens of rare jewelry golden and bimetallic colours

Golden Siberian kittens available for sale almost to any place in the world.

Charming golden Sweetheart Lady LyuMur is available as a pet. She is affectionate, cuddly and constantly purring and making biscuits baby girl.

Two golden boys are available also. Big, playful and affectionate Sunshine of Love LyuMur – golden spotted guy. And his brother Starbeam of Love LyuMur – black golden marble. He is some more shy, but tender and sweet also
Sunshine boy Spirit of my Hope LyuMur staying in the cattery as the future breeding Siberian King.

Dad Marik Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva
Mom Indiana Iz Odissei


Sunshine of Love LyuMur

Gender Boy
Status Reserved (USA)

Sweetheart Lady LyuMur

Gender Girl
Status Available

Starbeam of love LyuMur

Gender Boy
Status Available (Russia)

Spirit of my Hope LyuMur

Gender Boy
Status Reserved (Russia)