Each breeding animal has its own period of work in the breeding program. Since the cattery does not stand still and develops, it is simply impossible to leave all the animals at home. Sooner or later it will lead to overpopulation. And of course it is very difficult to give everyone full attention. Therefore, the best way out is a careful selection of a new home for young producers who came out of breeding at a young age. Because Siberians are a breed of human-centred, the problems with the adaptation usually does not occur. Their happiness is boundless as soon as they realize that the new owner belongs only to him and share his love with anyone is not necessary.


The grown up Neva masquerade girl is available for sale for show and breeding. Excellent breed type, powerful body, heavy backbone, correct Siberian head and beautiful bright color. You can buy this beautiful Neva masquerade girl at a very nice price.

Date of birth 11/04/2019
Dad Balzam Dlya Dushi Danvel
Mom Lina Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva


Adult Siberian cat with a beautiful precious color-black Golden spotted . It is offered for sale as a pet. Fantastic sociable and loving character. The Siberian cat will be a great friend and companion for all your family members. Find a common language with children and other Pets. Passed vaccination, castration, micro chip

Siberian cat from Russia as a pet
Date of birth 02/08/2018
Dad Hors Iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva
Mom Indiana Iz Odissei

Bolshevik Mason of Ogava

Fantastically beautiful and affectionate Persian cat — a boy — from a friendly cattery of Persian cats. His home name is Misha. He finished his exhibition and breeding career and began the search for a new forever home. Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. For more information you can contact us.

Date of birth 05/06/2016